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Bridging the gap between art, product and affordability.

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Our mission is simple, we aim to make it
possible for everyone to own and enjoy great art.


Bridging the gap between art, product and affordability

Per Dahl Design is a design company with head office in Copenhagen, Denmark. We hold an exclusive agreement with the painter Per Dahl, which allow us to produce products with his art. We have together with Per Dahl created a collection of everyday items that combines traditional paintings with modern Danish design.

Per Dahl Design is targeting the retail industry and we can deliver tailored concepts and products with Per Dahl’s art.

We import many products from the Far East and has an extensive network of factories, which means that we can meet our customers different needs for products. Our buyers speaks the local language and has several years of experience in trading with the local factories. That ensures a good dialogue and therefore the best results.

Per Dahl Design are very devoted to delivering products that matter – both in function and experience but also for the environment. We believe in sustainability, and we believe that sustainable development is about our actions here and now – Its a question of taking responsibility. Our actions must help the world of future generations to continue the "good life".

We have a social responsibility for our own actions but also feel a responsibility to our "employees" of the suppliers we work with in the Far East. We advocate for good working conditions and fair conditions of their employment. Therefor, we select our suppliers carefully and work only with suppliers involved in the BSCI and who can present an approved BSCI report.


The creative engine – Per Dahl

In collaboration with internationally acclaimed artist Per Dahl we have created a line of everyday items that combines traditional canvas paintings with modern Danish design.

"Sharing is a lifestyle"

The urge to share is embedded into the very core of Per Dahl and stems from his earliest childhood memories.

Per Dahl grew up in a creative environment. His parents owned a restaurant called the Forestpavillion, famously remembered as a hangout for the best musicians, sculptors and painters of the time. He remembers a universe filled with creative minds that shared and reveled in each other’s experiences and talents.

This left a lasting impression on a young man.

At the tender age of 12, an inspired boy was given a painting kit and the course was set. He was to be a painter. Armed with a brush and fueled by the need to share, he traveled the world like few others and over the course of the next seven decades; he perfected his craft, his voice and his vision.

At the age of 84, Per Dahl explains his extensive collection of artwork as a reflection of a long life inspired by moments from the close everyday life, as well as impressions from people and wild nature of many travels in remote areas of the world.

"At the core of it all, lays an insatiable need to share and understand different cultures."

The same need is what spurred the artist to start this project. He saw an opportunity that would enable him to share his vision, values and experiences with the World – He had to seize it.

"We are proud to present Per Dahl Design."

The perfect combination between traditional and modern Danish design.

Per Dahl delivers a portrait of HRH Prince Henrik to the Royal family of Denmark.

Portrait of Per Dahl.


In collaboratin with the internationally acclaimed artist Per Dahl, we have constructed af creative universe combining traditionalt canvas paintings with modern place setting products.

We have an extensive network of reliable factories, so we can deliver Per Dahl design in any shape that you want.

Please contact us to find out more about how we together can be creative and deliver exiting products to your company and customers.

Production / Safety

Code of Conduct – BSCI

– We guarantee that all our suppliers live up to the BSCI – Business Social Compliance Initiative

REACH – UE’s chemicals legislation

– We make sure to coommunicate the EUs legislation to our manufacturers
– We always make sure all safety and import legislations are complied to


– Gurantee that all products and productions meet current EU standards and requirements
– Testing of products is performed by Berau Veritas or SGS
(Testrapports can be attached upon request)

When do we make quality control

– Before the production is started
– During the production
– After the production is finalized

This ensures us at all time that the products live up to our standards.


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Please contact us to find out more about how we together can be creative and deliver exiting products to your company and customers.

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